About Us

Mr. Elephant is a kind, compassionate elephant! He is so confident in his deals that he puts his name on each one. He backs up every deal with:

Free Lighting Fast Shipping
14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Price Comparison with major retailers
And sometimes he even includes a plush version of himself with orders!

Now, here is some boring information:

MrElephant.com, subsidiary of UNorth® LLC (established in 1999), is a privately owned and operated Manufacturer-to-Consumer portal. UNorth counts more than 2,000 of the world’s leading enterprises as key customers. Within the last 6 months, UNorth has successfully delivered over 600 projects in total for its worldwide customers. In addition, our partnerships with industry leaders, government, and other professionals, give UNorth a unique advantage in the global marketplace. With customer-proven solutions and strong relationships, UNorth delivers the tools you need to reduce your risk and deliver value from day one.

For more information about Mr. Elephant, UNorth, and range of products, feel free to contact us.

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